I stayed up til 1am to finish my skirt so I can wear it tomorrow to see my niece. Super pleased with my productivity even if I pissed away today sewing instead of finalising my new shop so I can earn money ahaha *cry*

ps can anyone tell me if fancyladyindustries.com works for them? I’ve had this issue of the domain not working for a small percentage of people. It’ll be rectified soon with the new shop but in the meanwhile it’s bumming me out. If the domain doesn’t work for you, try definatalie.bigcartel.com and it’ll get you there for sure.

  1. copy-paste said: Works for me, I am in Melbourne, Victoria (AU) and I use Safari.
  2. videogameheart said: It loads for me
  3. thewomanofkleenex said: It works for me, but I’ve never had trouble with it.
  4. xfv1517 said: Works for me :)
  5. contemplatingchicken said: Works for me… I’m in Switzerland, if it helps you to know the location.
  6. notbuying said: works for me!
  7. threedaffodils said: works for meeee and i use chrome if that helps??
  8. annafromcraigslist said: it works for me!
  9. jamiemacdonalds said: Works for me!
  10. boghanz said: worked just fine!
  11. autonihilism said: It works! Love your stuff btw.
  12. brittleskies said: fancyladyindustries works for me.
  13. creativeconflagration said: Works for me!
  14. fancybidet posted this

Fat white Australian lady who draws and has feelings.

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