Plan for today:

  • Dye hair
  • Practice uke
  • Take photos of new things for shop
  • Start final embroidery
  • Be sad about how I need a fat friend to model my collars*

* It really annoys me how many say fat people have lots of accessories (they can’t fit into anything else, hahaaa) because in my experience wider necks, wrists and fingers need bigger necklaces, collars, ties, bangles, rings, etc. I always make my accessories for fat people because it’s been so hard for me to find accessories that fit. Usually fat people just deal with it but that’s bullshit. I don’t care about skinny people, go shop everywhere else!

  1. maggiemunkee said: YES FAT ACCESSORIES
  2. ragvinerust said: :(
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Fat white Australian lady who draws and has feelings.

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