HYPOTHETICALLY SPEAKING… pick one glitter colour you’d buy a fat  necklace in:


HYPOTHETICALLY the most popular colour might go up for preorder (along with mirror).

  1. rhiannonchan said: emerald, personally
  2. bethnalgreencentre said: Black
  3. pearlsnapbutton said: BLACK
  4. shakethecobwebs said: black!
  5. brazenchronicles said: BLACK
  6. monstroshitty said: Emerald
  7. supersandys-space said: gold
  8. ohkellybelly said: gold!
  9. salainen said: GOLD. followed by teal, then purple, then red
  10. lolabugge said: Teal! Or purple!
  11. boney-eyes-jefferson reblogged this from fancybidet and added:
  12. mossbelly said: black or gold
  13. tampaneko said: purple or black
  14. thestarjelly said: teal <3
  15. princess---laura said: black glitter!!!!!
  16. miss-cheif said: Red.
  17. home-fcb8 said: purple def
  18. audgy said: Purple!
  19. drag0nglass said: Purple
  20. dykebrigade said: my first thought was “PINK!” but that’s not a choice. Purple though, most def.
  21. creativeconflagration said: hypothetically? Emerald, all the way.
  22. covenesque said: Gold!
  23. seeyouloveyoubeyou said: emerald
  24. surrealthemuse said: Purple! But honestly I would probably be fine with any of those. Oh to have money again…
  25. valueplus said: emerald
  26. beelzebufess said: red
  27. siriusbitch said: Black!!
  28. fairyliquidbottlespacerocket said: teal
  29. sugarcoatedme said: Black <3
  30. winged said: teaaaal. or purple. i know that’s not one color.
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