If I didn’t have the Internet I wouldn’t have much social contact at all. I don’t even chat or Skype, I just use twitter and Tumblr because I’m too socially fucked up to do the first two things.

What is it like to have friends?

I anxiously await anonymous messages saying “I told you so”. Bonus points if they include a gif of Nelson from the Simpsons saying HA HA.

  1. undertoww said: ugh i feel the exact same. it makes me feel terrible when people complain about how “before the internet people used to talk to each other.” maybe THEY did, but i sure as hell am not capable of it, for one.
  2. cookiecatcrumbs said: I want to know what it is like to have a real sense of community, to not be so afraid that people will hurt you that you can’t face them.
  3. dressesandyarn said: I’m kind of the same way. I have my partner, but none of my RL friends near by, nor my family. So it’s tumblr!
  4. seeyouloveyoubeyou said: I am the same way.
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